A twinning, woody, evergreen vine with dark glossy, oval shape leaves. Mandevilla blooms nearly all year round except in rainy season. The flowers comes in variety of colors including red, white, pink and yellow.

Family: Apocynaceae,Periwinkle.

Origin: Central and Sounth America.

Species: About 100 species, mostly tropical and subtropical flowering vines.

Mandevilla Care

Light: Full Sun. Mandevilla needs at least 6 hours of direct sun light for heavy bloom. A 25% shade over the plant will help to increase the flower life span

Temperature: Temperature between 24-30° C is ideal for optimum growth and flowering.

Water: Water your plant regularly before completely drying out the soil.

Soil: A well-drained loamy with fertile soil.

Fertilizer: A slow release organic fertilizer will fulfill your plant nutrition requirements.

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